Prevention: Always Better Than the Cure

Regularly promote good personal hygiene and health to staff, take advantage of education and training programs as often as possible.  Take proper control measures to prevent contamination by sick food handlers, some of these include:

  • Effective hand-washing after going to the toilet, touching face, hair or other body parts, sneezing or using a tissue.
  • Only using single use cooking implements for tasting to avoid saliva contamination
  • Effective and confidential illness reporting procedures
  • Reporting overseas visits (a bit like customs / quarantine requires when you enter particular countries)
  • Not working while sick.
  • Reporting if anyone in your family has been ill
  • Not spitting within the food premises
  • Only eating or drinking in designated non-food areas.

Implementing medical screenings for staff prior to employment or routinely during their employment to determine their food handler health status are also great ideas to preventing contamination.