Zone Assessment for Effective Environmental Monitoring

Zone Assessment for Effective Environmental Monitoring Food safety managers face a dilemma: limited budget with an expectation (both from executives and the consumers) to build and maintain a bullet-proof food safety program. All too often, we see managers go through a full list of sampling sites in order over and over again. Although it is a good way to confirm … Read More

HARPC and How we can Help

HARPC and How we can Help As a provision of the FDA.s recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act, HARPC (or Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls) aims to improve food safety by requiring food supply chain participants to identify potential hazards and implement controls to minimize the affiliated risks. Below, we’ll break down the key components of HARPC and their … Read More

Dr. Thippareddi and Dr. Subbiah have received funding from the USDA

Dr. Thippareddi and Dr. Subbiah have received funding from the USDA for research on improving low-moisture food safety. A team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has received a portion of a $5 million USDA food safety grant to enhance low-moisture food safety by improving development and implementation of pasteurization technologies. UNL will receive $943,617 over five years.   Visit … Read More

Presage Implementation Process

Presage Implementation Process We are open to how the client wants to go forward with the implementation, but below is generally how the process works. An implementation process for Presage, in general, lasts around two to three weeks. It is shorter when the client has all documentation ready to be imported into Presage. PRE-IMPLEMENTATION The first step is to decide … Read More

Software Platform, The Cloud, and Security

Software Platform, The Cloud, and Security Many food safety software-providers in the market currently provide a web-based solution, Presage is not one of them. Here’s how Presage Analytics works: We Host + Software as a Service (SaaS) Presage is used as a SaaS model by clients who prefer monthly fees and do not have internal IT resources to maintain a … Read More

Leading Water Bottle Producer Teams Up with Quality Management Software

Leading bottled water producer teams up with quality management software, Presage Analytics Presage Analytics, a food safety and quality management software designed to manage the end-to-end operations of a food processing business, is proud to announce that Niagara Bottling, a national leader in high quality affordable bottled water, has committed to utilize Presage’s software in all 18 of their plants. … Read More

New Presage Batch Management System

Corporate Insight

New Presage Batch Management System Presage Analytics simplifies quality and compliance for food and beverage professionals by replacing cumbersome paper logging with fast, accurate data collection using mobile devices and robust enterprise software for improving reporting and compliance. With that in mind, we’ve added a new module to our system for Batch Management. Our goal was to build a user-friendly … Read More