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Presage Analytics simplifies quality and compliance for food and beverage professionals by replacing cumbersome paper logging with fast, accurate data collection on mobile devices and robust enterprise-wide software for improving reporting and compliance.
Presage allows a company’s corporate FSQA team to gain insight into their facilities¬†with a task management system that creates more efficient laboratories, improves product quality, and helps comply with increasing regulations, all at a fraction of the cost of a legacy LIMS system.¬†
QA Managers have results instantly accessible for data visualizations, trend analysis and audit-preparedness and receive custom text message or email alerts to stay aware of any important issues.  Technicians record results directly into Presage at the source of their QA tasks and food safety tests, keeping traceable data all in one place.
To best serve the food and beverage industry, Presage works with each customer to tailor the software to the specifications of their facilities and provides excellent customer service and support.