Our story.

Our Mission


Since its inception in 2003, Presage has rapidly emerged as a leading Quality and Compliance Management software. Our success is a result of our unique ability to understand client competences, our commitment to stay focused on our client needs, and our ability to plan for tomorrow without impacting today's operations.

We have assisted many organizations in successfully implementing Safety and Quality Management software. Our clients have spanned several industries, including dairy, meat, frozen foods, bio-refinement, renewable energy, oil & gas, etc. Our extensive body of work primarily covers food processing and laboratory management within the context of quality and safety management.

Presage is now in broad use in the food and beverage industry. Feedback generated from these customer relationships has proved vital to the continual development of Presage's capabilities, and has helped the company grow.

Our History

Strong roots in food science

Presage began with UNL Food Science professor, Dr. Harshavardhan Thippareddi, when he managed a pork processing plant and was responsible for meeting regulatory, non-regulatory, and third party/customer requirements and specifications. Every day, he spent hours entering internal and third party lab report sample results into a spreadsheet, which would then need to be formatted into charts and reports to satisfy reporting requirements. In addition to being time consuming, there was another inherent flaw to this approach: Dr. Thippareddi was responding to his plant’s performance reactively, rather than taking proactive steps to prevent non­compliant products from leaving his plant.

It was only after he began working with other food safety managers as a UNL extension specialist that he realized his peers also experienced these same issues. Determined to find a better solution, Dr. Thippareddi teamed up with Dr. Jeyam Subbiah, a fellow UNL professor with expertise in Engineering and Food Science Technology, to develop a proof of concept for Presage.

ISoft Data Systems, which specializes in enterprise management software and technical support, licensed the professors’ proof of concept and worked with the professors to develop the user-friendly yet advanced risk management software, Presage Analytics.