Presage to Attend IBWA and SQF Conferences

Next week, Dallas will be lively with food safety and quality professionals drawn in by two different conferences. The International Bottled Water Association  (IBWA) and the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute are both hosting their annual conferences and trade shows, giving attendees the opportunity to network with top minds and learn about the best industry practices. 2017 IBWA Annual Business Conference … Read More

New FDA Web Page Lists Key FSMA Rules Compliance Dates

Since its inception in 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has become a vital part of preventing issues and increasing accountability in food production. However, with these changes to food safety laws also comes the difficulty of understanding and implementing the laws correctly. To help minimize confusion, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a new resource … Read More

SQF Friday: Verification Requirements

HACCP, FSMA, FDA, SQF — just a few of the many abbreviations that Food Safety and Quality professionals must be familiar with. These various entities have been established to increase quality, safety, and accountability in food production practices. Among a myriad of rules and regulations, each entity comes with its own set of requirements for recording, reviewing, inspecting, and verifying … Read More

Product Feature: Presage Work Orders

At Presage, we aim to help FSQA professionals with their quality processes and compliance. We’ve created a solution that eliminates the hassle of paper trails and increases the efficiency of data entry and storage. How do we achieve this? By replacing cumbersome paper logging with fast, accurate data-collection. Data is recorded at the source using mobile devices and sent to … Read More

SQF FRIDAY: Edition 8.0 and SPC Implications

The Safe Quality Food Institute recently rolled out the 8th Edition of its SQF code, which will be applicable after January 2, 2018 and emphasizes HACCP principles, as well as science-based guidelines for food safety, quality and hazard control. Among some of the greatest implications for manufacturers is the new SQF Quality Code module. This certification stands alone and mandates the use of … Read More

Introducing Presage Resources

pres·age /ˈpresij,prəˈsāj/: a sign or warning that something, typically something bad, will happen. In the world of food and beverage manufacturing, quality tests are constant, mistakes are unavoidable, and recalls are a nightmare. To improve upon the accuracy of these tests and meet standards set forth by regulatory agencies, a manager will often adopt a paper or spreadsheet system to … Read More

Prevention: Always Better Than the Cure

With growing regulations and risks, it’s becoming more vital than ever to regularly promote good personal hygiene and health to staff and take advantage of education and training programs as often as possible. As a Food Safety or Quality Assurance professional, you should take proper control measures to prevent contamination by sick food handlers, some of which include: Effective hand-washing after … Read More

The Story of Typhoid Mary

The story of Typhoid Mary is relevant to anyone in the food industry.  Reports from the early 1900s indicate that a young servant cook working for affluent families in New York City, was the first person in the United States identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen associated with typhoid fever.  Mary, seemingly healthy as could be, was linked … Read More

National Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 24th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and if you have a pet, you want to ensure they are cared for and healthy!  Part of this is ensuring they have safe, healthy food.  The June/July issue of Food Quality & Safety has an extensive article about the safety measures put in place to ensure your pets’ food is … Read More

Zone Assessment for Effective Environmental Monitoring

Zone Assessment for Effective Environmental Monitoring Food safety managers face a dilemma: limited budget with an expectation (both from executives and the consumers) to build and maintain a bullet-proof food safety program. All too often, we see managers go through a full list of sampling sites in order over and over again. Although it is a good way to confirm … Read More