Reporting Suite

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Simplify reporting and be audit-ready at all times.  Receive scheduled email reports from Presage on customized templates.

Reporting Software

Corporate Insight

Use Presage’s global and plant-specific permissioning to give your corporate FSQA or innovation teams access to each plant’s data instantly.  Collaborate in real-time to avoid writing and responding to emails or making phone requests.

Corporate Insight

All users can view simultaneously

Limit access to tasks and data by group or users

Multi-plant data visualization lets you overlay plant performance

Data Visualization

Presage’s data visualization tools allow you to view your data laid out on a map of your plant to identify and respond to problem areas. Plot data over time to quickly recognize trends and potential problems.

Customized dashboard of graphs with a centralized database for reporting and trending.

Samples visualized on your facility map that are out of spec.

Data is audit-ready and able to be exported for additional flexibility.