Introducing Presage Resources

pres·age /ˈpresij,prəˈsāj/: a sign or warning that something, typically something bad, will happen.

In the world of food and beverage manufacturing, quality tests are constant, mistakes are unavoidable, and recalls are a nightmare. To improve upon the accuracy of these tests and meet standards set forth by regulatory agencies, a manager will often adopt a paper or spreadsheet system to aid in record-keeping of data, communication to upper-management, and accountability in the eyes of auditors.

But what might a leader do? A leader thinks outside the box, innovates, and yearns for continuous improvement in his/her processes. A leader sees a problem with the current system, works to restore productivity in daily operations, and seeks solutions that help prevent any further issues.

Here at Presage, we want to do more than digitize and build efficiencies in your processes; we want to help you take leadership of your processes. While the Presage software simplifies your day-to-day quality operations and data reporting, it is up to you as a Food Safety, Quality Assurance or Quality Control professional to be educated on the best improvement and prevention practices in the industry.

Using client feedback and industry research, we will begin to roll out weekly posts on this blog, as well as our LinkedIn and Facebook platforms. Be on the lookout for client case studies, FSQA updates, product feature spotlights, industry news, and educational resources to get the most out of Presage and the ever-evolving trends in the food processing industry.

Let’s stay connected. Let’s stay compliant.