National Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 24th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and if you have a pet, you want to ensure they are cared for and healthy!  Part of this is ensuring they have safe, healthy food.  The June/July issue of Food Quality & Safety has an extensive article about the safety measures put in place to ensure your pets’ food is safe.
The article also outlines how Diamond Pet Foods uses data visualization to help ensure their employees understand why their environmental testing is important. This has helped the brand prevent contamination and rebuild trust with consumers (after a 2012 Salmonella outbreak was traced to their product).

Typically once a year, Diamond management presents data to its employees to demonstrate the effectiveness of the environmental monitoring program.

“We had one incident where we saw elevated levels of environmental micro activity on floor swabs during a period of time when we had numerous contractors in the area,”  [says Michele Evans, PhD, executive director of food safety and quality for Diamond Pet Foods]. “It was nice to show the employees that the increased activity in traffic pattern from contractors played a role in elevated floor micro counts. It was also nice to show the data that illustrated how the counts went back down when we initiated tighter traffic control patterns for contractors and added additional food sanitation stations throughout the plants.”

Safe Food for your Pets.” Food Quality and Safety23 June 2016. Web. 6 June 2016.

Full Food Quality and Safety Article Here.

Presage’s built-in location data visualization allows you to perform a search in Sampling History, and then send that data to the Location screen to see an animation of those results across your plant.  This feature is useful not only for helping managers track their environmental data, but can also be used to help educate employees about the importance of cross-contamination and sanitation.


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