SQF FRIDAY: Edition 8.0 and SPC Implications

The Safe Quality Food Institute recently rolled out the 8th Edition of its SQF code, which will be applicable after January 2, 2018 and emphasizes HACCP principles, as well as science-based guidelines for food safety, quality and hazard control.

Among some of the greatest implications for manufacturers is the new SQF Quality Code module. This certification stands alone and mandates the use of SPC and Control Charts in an effort to reduce process variations, eliminate waste, and find the root causes of non-compliance.

While the new code provides no training or testing requirements, it is up to the SQF Practitioner to be familiar with HACCP-based food quality plans, to understand the means of successfully implementing the Quality Code, and to display competency in SPC practices within his/her industry sector.

Why is this SQF code revision so important for food and beverage processors?

Leading international retailers and foodservice providers–think Walmart and McDonalds–outline very specific food safety requirements, most of which require that suppliers obtain certification against a GFSI-recognized scheme on a regular, typically annual, basis.

Since SQF is a contemporary and rigorous GFSI-benchmarked standard, being versed on the new Quality Code will prove to be both impressive and vital for the success of manufacturers seeking growth opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that SQF does require certification in one of their other food safety certificates before you can obtain Quality Code certification.

Our Presage Food Safety and Quality software helps you obtain SQF certification by providing a variety of SPC tools, such as an investigations screen that was implemented using the four core Western Electric rules, and automatic investigations that are triggered based on specific statistical rules. Users can set up investigation rules to trigger if/when the rules are violated, and may opt to receive text and/or email alerts when a process is out-of-spec.

Come audit time, you can find any stored information using the Sampling History function and run control charts through the Reporting Suite, as well as your customers with COA documents at any time. Request a free demo to learn more about how Presage can help you achieve compliance and certification. 

Still not sure about what this all means for you?

Check out this webinar, hosted by EAS Consulting Group, which will cover key provisions in SQF 8.0.

If you have visitors (say, an auditor) coming by your facility soon, it’d be worth your while to prepare with this webinar from the SQFI.

And while you’re at it, when was the last time you developed your HACCP plan? Maybe it’s time for a revamp.