Presage is Quality Assurance

Presage Analytics is a suite of software tools to help food, beverage, and chemical manufacturing facilities capture data, ensure quality, and keep up with an ever-changing regulatory environment.

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We provide onsite configuration and training, as well as software support to improve Quality and Food Safety.


Presage is Quality Data Management

Presage Analytics improves your quality assurance.  



With corporate insight, data visualization and a full featured reporting suite- you get the information you need, when you need it.


Environmental monitoring, automatic work orders and follow up actions, alerts, and batch management make your job easier!



Set email and text alerts, save time with mobile data collection and attach documents and images on the go with our outstanding mobile features.

Presage Analytics provides industry leading flexibility to match your current quality and data collection process. We were designed from the ground up by food safety professors, along with a team of software experts. If you can record it, you can learn from it.

Best in class Reporting.

Simplify reporting and be audit-ready at all times. Receive scheduled email reports from Presage Analytics on customized templates. Access mobile-friendly dashboards from anywhere to stay up to date on the status of your facility.


Mobile Data Collection

You can collect data from the source, instantly log it and check it against your thresholds.

Images & Document 

Organize your data by attaching images, documents and reports to each location, product, ingredient or sample that you take.

Email & Text Message Alerts

Users can automatically receive an email or text message when data entered falls outside of specified ranges so they can promptly respond to problems and prevent downtime.

Reporting Suite

Simplify reporting and be audit-ready at all times. Receive scheduled email reports from Presage on customized templates.

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