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Presage Analytics works hard to make compliance and maintaining standards easier by providing an end-to-end flexible configuration. This allows you to align the software with your business process, helping you to identify delays and speed up compliance all while avoiding costly problems and regulatory scrutiny. 

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Never lose historical information - Presage Analytics Compliance Technology

Never Lose Historical Information

Traceability helps facilities like yours manage increasingly complex products over time and turnover. Presage Analytics offers practical and realistic tracking to easily identify actions taken in relation to a user, product, ingredient, or process.

Version Control

With our version control, easily go back to a previous version of a document and never lose information in the shuffle.

Document History

Document history is stored, allowing you to see past edits to documents, including what was edited and the author.

Barcode Scanning

Easily print and scan barcodes to input the digits on the barcode, without having any transcription errors, and correctly tying each test to its work order.

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Recipes and batches made easy - Presage Analytics Compliance Technology

Recipes & Batches Made Easy

During product development, the formulation step is essential and it determines a product's success or failure. Presage Analytics makes managing your recipes and batches simple.

Develop & Manage Recipes

Save commonly used recipes for easy access. Edit or remove any existing recipes to keep your recipe list up-to-date.

Calculate Ingredient Amounts

Easily calculate ingredient amounts for each recipe. Ensuring consistency in each batch.

Scale Batches

Scale batches for smaller or larger orders. Ingredients are automatically calculated for each batch size.

Track Ingredients Used

Track lot numbers and expiration dates for ingredients used in a batch to facilitate traceability.

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Improve your storage security - Presage Analytics Compliance Technology

Improve Your Storage Security

Reduce Startup Costs

Increase Speed-to-Market

Granular User Permission Control

Automatic Change Logging

Archive and Retain Data

Centralize and Digitize Control and Safety Data


Use On Almost Any Device & Operating System

Though, Presage Analytics was originally designed for Windows machines, over the years, we've expanded our compatibility to include almost all devices and operating systems. Access vital features from your phone, tablet or Apple device using our web platforms or stick to the tried-and-true desktop application usable on any Windows computer. Presage allows you to access your data from wherever you are, with the device of your choice.

Easily Meet Standards

Presage Analytics is a leading quality assurance software that helps you develop compliant solutions that meet regulatory requirements and technical standards. We continuously update the software to meet any changes to major worldwide standards. HACCP Compliance Software, GFSI, SQF and more, you can rely on us!

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Fast & Easy Audits with Presage Digital Data Collection



Centralize Date - Presage Analytics

Centralized Data


Mobile Data Entry & Alerts - Presage Analytics

Mobile Data Entry & Alerts


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