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Presage Analytics is a food quality management software, designed from the ground up to be versatile and secure. It enables food and beverage manufacturers and packaging plants to securely store and track their data across all locations. Presage Analytics is an affordable, flexible and easy-to-use solution for food and beverage companies of all types who are looking for a world class quality management system.

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Savings That You'll Notice

Presage Analytics is one of the most precise and powerful analytics for business intelligence, predictive analytics and big data. We have successfully helped many organizations in improving their decision process through our advanced analytics. You'll start seeing the savings immediately, whether it's time or money.

Identify Waste and Duplication

With business-wide configuration and reporting, Presage can help you determine where testing is being performed more often than you need it. Streamlining testing programs saves costs on both labor and lab supplies.

No More Wasted Time

Optimized costs of communication and follow-up of assigned tasks to project resources. Speed up data entry by quality technicians and production operators enabling them to focus on your product, instead of paperwork.

Correct Defects Earlier

Notify stakeholders of non-conformance issues as soon as they are recorded, allowing a faster response time to correct small problems before they become big ones.
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Your Clients Are Important To Us

We understand that happy customers lead to repeat service. That's why we've made communication between plant and customer a top priority.

Get To Know Your Customers Better

Enhanced customer relationship, communication and reporting.

Confusion Is Gone

Improved common understanding of goals and values among interested parties.

Impress Your Customers

Refined assessment of process performance and ability to achieve client satisfaction.

Resolve Issues Efficiently

Processes are in place to track and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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Better Processes, Better Product

Better effectiveness in quality assurance process and project audits.

Quality awareness improvements and understanding the quality objectives in the organization.

Improved capability to project scope statement, requirements documentation, and project plan.

Always ensure corrective action is taken whenever defects occur.

Increased effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the organization's quality objectives.

Consistent outcomes, measured and monitored to approach expected level of quality.

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Built To Meet Your Specifications

Presage Analytics allows you to be audit ready, 24-7. With our robust software, you can replace paper processes with digital solutions that keep in line with regulations and standards.

Identify Delays & Speed Up Compliance

Customizable to Align With Your Business Specifications

Avoid Costly Problems and Regulatory Scrutiny

Learn About Our Technology

About Our Technology
Presage Customer Support
Presage Customer Support

Support That Doesn't Leave You Hanging

We’re proud to offer top-notch customer and technical support. Presage Customer Support representatives are available to take your questions and provide solutions with ease. We are dedicated to providing the answers you need, effectively and efficiently.

System Configuration Support

Intelligent Solutions

Quick Response Time

Email & Phone Support

Attentive Representatives

Beyond The Standard

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