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Food Safety and Quality Software

Presage Analytics is food safety and quality software that simplifies quality and compliance. We help by replacing cumbersome paper logging with digital and online solutions.

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Key Features

User Assigned Security

Visual Location Layout

Custom Data Imports

Powerful Reporting

Custom Dashboards

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Customizable Reports and More

Say goodbye to messy and cumbersome graphing solutions. Presage Analytics provides customizable reports, allowing you to easily view trends in your data. Save your reports as a PDF, print them or set up a schedule for them to be sent via email. We’ve simplified the process so you can properly prepare for any occasion.

About Our Technology
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Your Time Is Your Money

Effective Problem Solving

Easily solve problems that prevent project completion.

Meet Deadlines With Ease

Meeting proposed implementation timeliness with actual timeliness of project completion.

Schedule Timelines and Deliveries

More reliable project scheduling and delivery.

No More Miscommunication

Reduce delays due to a lack of communication between technicians and employees.

Prepare For and Prevent Errors

Anticipate risks and expedite rework of held product.

Maintain Accountability

Enhanced ability to anticipate projection completion time, delay and its reasons.

Explore The Benefits

Decrease Response Time

Automatic Investigations allow you to not only respond to problems as they arise, but also address the underlying causes to prevent issues from recurring in the future.

Solve issues as soon as they arise.

Report, centralize & track investigations.

Add comments, photos & documents.

Get the right information at the right time.


Manage Your Suppliers

Presage’s Supplier Management filter helps you digitize information and documents and automate workflows and processes resulting in improved collaboration with your suppliers. Presage Analytics offers a centralized way to store all relevant Supplier information, such as contact information, documents, raw materials or packaging specifications, etc. Program alerts to go to an internal Supplier Coordinator, or a contact at your supplier, to notify when documents are expiring, and ensure you received updated documents when you need them.
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Keep Up With Regulations

Safety and quality are heavily regulated. You not only need to follow current regulations but you also have to anticipate new ones. Presage Analytics' food safety and quality software is designed to meet those standards, whatever they are.

Overcome Regulatory Challenges

Simplified Product Formulation

Enforce the Safety of Products

Comply with Country-Specific Regulations

Ensure Quality, Every Time

When a non-conformity arises, it is important to act fast. Using Presage, you can easily track and ensure the quality of any products at all stages of their life cycles, from suppliers to disposal.

Report, Qualify, Manage & Close Non-Conformities

Consolidate All Necessary Information

Analyze Root Causes & Plan Corrective Actions

Track & Ensure Quality of Any Products

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Simplify Quality and Compliance



Centralized Data



50+ Key Benefits of Presage FSQA Software


Are you ready to see real improvements?

Schedule a demo today and let us show you how Presage Analytics can work for your company.

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Are you ready to see real improvements?

Schedule a demo today and let us show you how Presage Analytics can work for your company.

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