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What To Look For In A Food Safety Audit Software

Food safety is a critical aspect of any business in the food industry. Ensuring the safety and quality of your products is vital for the health and well-being of your customers, as well as the success of your business. One way to ensure food safety is by using a food safety audit software to help with inspections and data collection.

Food Safety Audit Software Guide

Ease of Use

When looking for a food safety software to help with audits, ease of use should be a top consideration. The software should be user-friendly and easy to navigate so that your auditors can easily complete inspections and record their findings. This will help ensure that the data collected is accurate and can be easily analyzed.


Customization is another essential factor to consider when choosing a food safety audit software. The software should allow you to customize the process to meet your specific needs and requirements. This might include the ability to create custom checklists, add notes and photos, and customize reporting. Presage Analytics offers these features and more.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and analysis tools are also critical when choosing a food safety audit software. The software should provide a range of reporting and analysis tools to help you track and analyze the results of your audits. This might include the ability to generate reports, charts, and graphs to visualize your data.

Task Automation

Task automation is a valuable feature that can help you streamline your food safety audit processes and reduce errors. With task automation, routine tasks such as scheduling inspections, sending notifications, and generating reports can be automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks. This can help you save time and improve the accuracy of your data. Presage Analytics offers task automation features that can help you automate these routine tasks, allowing you to manage your food safety audits more efficiently and effectively.


Scalability is another important factor to consider when choosing a food safety audit software. If your company is planning to grow or expand, it may be important to choose a food safety audit software that can scale with your needs. This can help ensure that you don’t outgrow the software and have to invest in a new solution in the future.

Support and Training

It is crucial to look for a software provider that offers a range of support options, including documentation, training, and technical support, to help you get the most out of the software. Presage Analytics prides itself on our extensive training and support, making it easy for you to get started with the software and get the most out of its features.

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At Presage Analytics, we understand the importance of choosing the right food safety audit software for your organization. That’s why we offer a range of features and tools to help you streamline your audit process, track and analyze your data, and ensure the safety and quality of your products. With our user-friendly interface, customization options, reporting and analysis tools, task automation, scalability, and extensive support and training, Presage Analytics is the perfect solution for your food safety audit needs.